Reakt Vertx

Added Promises and simplified streaming to Vert.x. Check out the Reakt Vertx Website.

final Promise<Employee> promise = Promises.<Employee>promise();
/** Convert the Reakt promise to a Vert.x asyncResultHandler */
final Handler<AsyncResult<Employee>> asyncResultHandler = ReaktVertx.convertPromise(promise);

You can also use replay promises, all promises, any promises, and other features of Reakt to simplify async, reactive Vertx/Java development.

You can see a Vert.x event bus example in the wiki. If you are new to Reakt, stop by Reakt Website and the Reakt Wiki to learn more about Reakt promises.

Getting Started




compile 'io.advantageous.reakt:reakt-vertx:2.1.0.RELEASE'

Reakt gets used by QBit, and Conekt.

Reakt Vertx Website

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